Ginger's Story

Five years ago hosting a 5k never crossed my mind. What crossed my mind was, "am I going to live? Is this going to take me out? Will my husband be ok? What in the world is in my body Perito..... What?" I couldn't even pronounce it. My Dr who took the biopsies had never even seen it before. And it's in many places throughout my abdomen. And it's cancer! What?! I have cancer?!

I was then referred to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital where we met Dr Perry Shen. By this point I had decided to fight this disease and press into God and His promises on healing. I was looking forward to hearing about my options. That day I learned I was a candidate for surgery. Great! I thought let's get this stuff out of me. Then I learned about the surgery. I would be cut from the breast bone all the way down. I was looking at a 14 hour surgery and they may change shifts
during my operation. Could I survive this surgery? I didn't have a choice but to give this option my best shot and do my best to trust that "with God all things are possible".

I had HIPEC during the surgery. It's a heated chemo. They lowered my body temperature to 92  and heated the chemo to 105 then circulated the chemo through my abdomen for 1.5 hours. Recovery was rough! I almost died but people stormed heaven praying for me and God answered our prayers.

I have lost several friends to mesothelioma. I know God healed my body! I am most thankful for
my Jesus, my husband, my church, my amazing friends and family who have all walked and are
still walking out this life with me. God still heals! He still does miracles! I know because He
healed me!

September 26 our race day is also National Mesothelioma Awareness Day. Mesothelioma is a
rare cancer caused by asbestos. The latency period is 20-40 years once exposed. Treatments
are very limited. Most people only survive 12-18 months once diagnosed because the disease is
so advanced.

All proceeds will go to the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation. I volunteer for this
foundation and count it an honor to host a fundraiser for them. They have a huge role in patient,
caregiver, and bereaved support programs and so much more. To date they have acquired over
9 million dollars that has funded research for treatments and a cure.

Come join in the cause on Saturday September 26, 2015 to support a cure and celebrate a
miracle! Hope to see you there!

Ginger Horton